October 20, 2020

Butt / Speed Bump Review

fleshlight review speed bump

The Butt / Speed Bump canal has an inner diameter of 0.5 to 0.6 inches (15-17 mm) , so it’s tightness similar to the Super Tight Insert. The feeling of all these little speed bumps gently caressing you shaft and head as you slide in and out will be heaven. I love this texture. All my problems go away when I’m inside a SpeedBump. The speedbump will be one of your best best investments , it’s cheaper than 2 dates. I use the hands free method and play around at the entrance very slowly going in and out, letting the…

Lady / Vortex Reviews

fleshlight review Vortex

The Lady Vortex is very intense. It has the same jump in intensity right before you come as STU. It’ll fell like a girl is sucking a golf ball though a hose. It’s also very natural, the texture is like an enhanced vaginal texture on steroids. It feels like your dream vag buy 50 times better. Cleaning is more difficult than the other textured inserts, you really have to run a hole lot of water through it to get all the “junk” out. But it’s very worth it. Click here for more information about this awesome product.