October 20, 2020

Build Your Own Fleshlight

fleshlight review

Fleshlight is probably most realistic penetration ever made. It is extremely similar to a real Vagina. Once you buy one there is a good chance you’ll buy another. It’s that good. One Fleshlight will be your regular lady, the others will be your booty calls. I love my Fleashlights, so I made this site with some reviews. Anyway, unlike all other male sex toys, Fleshlight is made with a their own kind of material called Real Feel Superskin┬«. Make it feel sooooo good. If I would recommend a Fleshlight for you to get it would be to Build Your Own. Then use these settings… Select Black case so just looks like a regular flashlight. Choose Lady as Orifice. Choose the Wonder Wave Texture its ribs just very stimulating, but without being to stimulating. Each ripple is designed to enhance feeling on both the inward and outward strokes. You can’t go wrong with this texture. Click here for more information about this awesome product.